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Conference update

If you live near TX, or just want to fly in, this November I'll be sitting down with readers, answering questions, spilling secrets, talking shop, signing books, hanging out with some of my writer friends, and would love to see you! Today is the last day to get your tickets for the discounted rate, (but there's still plenty of time to get your tickets for the regular rate)  Go here for details!  (Although the chance to pick which…


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The contest to help me promote Dark Taste of Rapture will start on August 1st!  I need your help picking the prize, though.  But first things first.  How the contest will run is this: I'll give you a twitter hashtag (most likely #darktasteofrapture -- although that might be too long.  I've never done this before so I'm currently clueless!)   You'll post some of your favorite lines from the Alien Huntress series, or things you like about the books, whatever, and after two weeks or…


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News, updates and more!

Want to read a discussion between me, Jill Monroe, Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh?  Go here!  We discuss the fairy tale inspirations for our Royal House of Shadows stories!! 


And I ~just~ saw concept cover art for The Darkest Seduction.  (the idea for the cover)  Can I just say I have never been happier?  I can't give away any details…


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Beefcake Monday!

I have a wonderful Beefcake Pimp -- Rinda Elliot, I LOVE this gal and you can check her out here.  She sent me this delicious goodie to inspire me!  I was struggling with my current rough draft, but now I'm happy to tell you… Continue

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LotU spin-off, and more!

People have asked for more info about the Lords of the Underworld spin-off.  Right now, all I can really say is that the angels will be at the helm, the first book will be released sometime in 2012, and the Lords will have cameos.  We're still hammering out a lot of the details.  I anticipate being able to spill all sometime in November!


I'm gearing up for the releases of Dark Taste of Rapture, Lord of the Vampire and Twisted, so be on the lookout for…


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Beefcake Monday!

I hope you have a fantastically delicious week!

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Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong

Check out debut author Stephanie Chong's new website here!  Her book, Where Demons Fear to Tread, comes out Aug 23rd (the same days as Dark Taste of Rapture!)  Isn't that cover amazing?  And that blurb is totally shiver worthy!!  I'm already crushing on Julian :)…


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Complete LIHARD dish!

To read the scorecard for the pranks pulled at the LIHARD conference (as told by the amazing Kresley Cole) go here!  I cracked up all over again just reading the things we did!

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RWA (cough LIHARD cough) recap!

So . . . RWA/LIHARD <g>  Usually I come back exhausted and thinking I’ve caught the plague.  This time, I didn’t schedule any breakfast meetings and planned no more than 5 things a day, hoping I’d stay rested.  Well, I came back exhausted and thinking I had caught the plague.  Perhaps Gensie had one too many beers, but that's nether here nor there.  I’m slowly emerging from my bedroom nest, returning emails, and working on my newest book.


So what happened in New York…


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Note from Gena

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Thank you so much!


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