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Good News Friday!

Laurie London winners announced here!


Sometime next week I'll be hosting a contest on my Facebook Fan page, so stop by and "like" or whatever it is (I am so bad about this learning the names of this stuff!) the page so you'll get the announcement!  


In the next few…


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Contest Winners

The Laurie London contest winners are...


Tracey D

Kirstyn Walters

Stephanie Palmer

Stephanie McCarthy

Lisa Boggs


Message me here at the site with your addy and I'll put the books in the mail!  Congrats!!

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I'll do my best to draw the 5 winners of the Laurie London contest later this evening (just gotta get some work done first -- decided to start yet again with Paris's story, but this time I'm sure I'm on the right track :) So, there's still time to enter if you haven't.   


Also, I'm happy to tell you about something new I'll be writing!  I hinted at the Twitter chat that my…


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I'm giving away 5 copies of BONDED BY BLOOD, a debut paranormal romance by Laurie London.  Laurie and I share the same amazing editor.  And this is the editor who helps me keep those naughty Lords of the Underworld in line.  :)  …


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If you'd like a chance to win an ARC -- advanced reading copy -- of my upcoming On the Hunt, follow this link which will take you to Larissa Ione's facebook fan page.  "Like" her while you're there because she is AMAZING.  Her books are AMAZING.  And she's one of the coolest people you'll ever meet!  


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Good News Friday!

Tell your good news here!


Next week, I'm beyond excited for the release of Nalini Singh's Archangel's Consort!  SUCH a rich, lush book!! Seriously, if you haven't tried this series, you are missing out.  AMAZING!!!  


And guess what I got?  An ARC of Larissa Ione's…


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I turned in the proposal for The Darkest Seduction (first three chapters)  Hopefully, I got it right this time :)


Two must have reads for me this week:  Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning and Call Me Irresistable by Susan Elizabeth Pillips.  Love these ladies!  I've adored everything I've ever read from them.  Also, a new

author I'm excited to try is Laurie London, Bonded By Blood.


Back copy for…


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Beefcake Monday, contest, and reviews!

For a chance to win an ARC of The Darkest Secret, help us spread the word about On the Hunt!  Details are here.


Here's a review of On the Hunt.  And…


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On the Hunt...Contest!

Contest time has come again!  For your chance to win an Advanced Reading Copy of The Darkest Secret, click on the "Spread the Word" button, and help us spread the word about the upcoming release of On the Hunt!!  (Contest will run until mid-Fed, and the more points you build, the better your chance of winning!) …

On the Hunt by Gena Showalter

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The Darkest Seduction (and Good News Friday)

So, I told you how I'd written the first two chapters of Paris's story -- then chucked them.  Told you how I started again.  Wrote two more chapters.  Well, last night I chucked those and wrote a new chapter one :) Today I'm going over that chapter and hope to write #2.  And this time I have a very clear picture in my head, so all should be well. Plus, I talked to my oh, so amazing editor and we worked through some problems I (cough Paris cough) was having.  


And I am…


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If you've ever illegally downloaded a copy of a book, thought about illegally downloading, posted an illegal download, or sold an ebook, please read this.  Torrents can kill an author's career, and sadly, it's only been getting worse.

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The Darkest Seduction and a Darkest Secrets snippet

Monday I wrote chapter 1 of Paris's story, and I was happy with it.  Yesterday I wrote chapter two.  I struggled with that chapter two for hours -- and hours.  Something was bugging me.  Big time.  But I didn't know what it was, what to do, or where I'd gone wrong.  Until last night.  I started in the wrong place with the wrong tone.  So, I'm ditching both chapters and starting from scratch.  


One day, after the book's release, I will post both of those chapters so you guys…


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Manga Lords

So many of you asked, so I thought I'd post a new blog about this rather than stick the answer in an old thread.  The publisher says there are no plans as of yet to make English/manga versions of the Lords of the Underworld.  I'll be praying that changes, and will let you know if it does!!

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Beefcake Monday!

Another 2 weeks until the release of On the Hunt!  I am so excited!  We'll be hosting another "Spread the Word" contest.  I'll let you known the moment the page is… Continue

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SEALed with a Kiss by Jill Monroe

SEALed With A Kiss by Jill Monroe is officially out!  Check it out here, you won't want to miss it!!  Here's a little about it:


Thanks to her distracted sister, hotel owner Rachel Sutherland is now alone to greet uberhot Navy…


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Lord of the Underworld comic books!

Just a quick note!  I am so excited to tell you there will now be a Japanese edition and a manga comic book edition of the first three Lord of the Underworld novels.  You can check out some of the stunning graphics here.

Added note: If you'd like the English versions, they are now available for Darkest Night (part…


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Happy New Year (and Beefcake Monday a little early)!

Wow.  I simply can't believe it's 2011.  I spent my holiday...working LOL  Yes, I am one exciting woman.  As I look back, I am floored by your generosity and support.  The milestones you guys helped me achieve . . . I can never thank you enough!  Unraveled, my first young adult book to hit the New York Times.  Ecstasy in Darkness, my first Alien Hu…


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Note from Gena

If you enjoyed one of my books, I would be beyond grateful if you took a moment to post a review somewhere online to help other readers discover it.  The review can be as long or as short as you want.  

Thank you so much!


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