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LOTU Questions / Answers

Q: When does the next Lords of the Underworld book come out and who will be the hero?

A:  I don't have a firm release date yet, but I believe it will be mid 2013.  As of right now, I plan for the hero to be Kane.

Q: Where can I get Lords of the Underworld merchandise?

A: We finally have an online store!  Go here.  We add new items all the time, and we do take requests.  If it's not there, and you want us, just let us know.

Q: Will you be writing about the secondary characters (Viola, Cameron, Winter, Irish, Neeka, Tayliah) before you write about Torin or Cameo?

A: I'm not planning to, no, but it will depend on the story ideas that come to me first.    

Q: Why aren’t all your books made in audio form?
A: Which books are chosen for audio is completely up to the publisher. If one of my books is not available that way, but you’d really like it to be, my best advice is to visit, find an email, and submit your request!  The more interest there is, the more likely the books are to be released in the format you like.

Q: Why aren't any of these books graphic novels?
A: To view upcoming manga versions of the Lord of the Underworld books, go here.  Right now, they are only available in Japanese, however.  My fingers are crossed for an English translation, and I'll let you know the moment that happens!


Q: The titles for The Darkest Pleasure/Whisper/Passion/Lies/Secret work for the heroes, but the titles for Night/Kiss don't work at all.  Why did you pick those?

A:  We picked Darkest Night because Maddox is cursed to die every night. We picked Darkest Kiss because Lucien is paired with Death and there's that "Kiss of Death" saying.


Q: Why won't you answer specific questions about characters and plots, or upcoming heroines and birthmarks?

A: A lot of people hate plot spoilers, so I try never to spill. Plus, a lot of times I change my mind about certain directions, and I never want to tell you something, then change it in a book. (although I reserve the right to do so :)

Q: Are there any plans to make your books – any of your books from any series -- into movies?
A: Having a book made into a movie or TV show is a dream of mine. Alas, this is totally up to Hollywood. So if you have connections, put in a good word for me!  Seriously.

Q: What actors would you like to play the Lords of the Underworld?
A: To me, Ryan Reynolds would make a perfect Strider.  Chris Hemsworth for... anyone  :)  He's a gorgeous man!  And I find Jason Momoa beautiful as well.

Q: Do you plan to write Torin’s story – and when?

A: I do not have a title or firm release date for him, but from the beginning I had planned to write a story for him.  I'll post more info when I have it.  (Info about Torin and Nix below.  Info about Torin and Cameo below)

Q: Will Kane get his own story -- and when?
A:  Yes.  His book will come out in 2013.  No title as of yet.

Q: Will Cameo get a story--and when?
A: I do not have a title or firm release date for her.  I'll post more info when I have it. 

Q: Will Nix and Torin end up together?  And what book does Nix appear in?
A: While it's certainly possible that more Immortal After Dark characters will pop up in the Lords of the Underworld books (I LOVED Carrow's YouTube video in The Darkest Lie!) Nix and Torin will not have a happily ever after together. The amazing Nix will end up with a man from her world, and Torin will end up with a gal from his. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest is that Kresley writes for one publisher, and I write for another. Combining the worlds in one book would be a huge legal ordeal. But that's not to say Kresley and I can't collaborate on something else one day! It's my dream to convince her to write a heroine named Gina/Gyna who nails every man in the IAD world.  


The amazing Nix appears in The Darkest Whisper.

Q: Are Cameo and Torin going to end up together?
A: The short answer is no. Long answer -- I played with the idea, and thought they would. . . at first. But the more I wrote, the more I realized they weren’t meant to be. Not for the long haul. They have suffered so much, they deserve the perfect mate, someone to help them overcome their problems.  They also deserve an earth-shattering connection, and I don’t think they have that with each other.

Q: Are you going to bring Baden or Pandora back? (Note: don’t read the answer if you don’t want spoilers)
A: Yes.  No. Maybe.  Oh, I don't know.  :)  How's that for a solid answer?  You get a peek at them in Paris's book, The Darkest Seduction.


Q: Will you write a book for William -- and when? And will he end up with Gilly?
A: That was the plan when I first created William. (You learn more about him with every new Lords of the Underworld book)  He isn't currently in the lineup, however, so I don't have a release date. But will he end up with Gilly. . . I'd love to tell you yes, no contest, but sometimes things happen. I never know until I actually sit down to write the book. (However, you can tell which way I'm leaning. As Scarlet would say: Go Team Gilliam :)

Q: Will you write a book for Galen?
A: I have an idea for him -- and he has a big role in Paris's book -- so time will tell.

Q: Will Legion get a happily ever after?
A:  She's going through some big changes right now.  My heart aches for her, and I think yours will too when you get inside her head.  But that doesn't answer your question, does it? :)

Q: What order will you write the rest of the Lords of the Underworld books?
A: Right now, the order is as follows: Maddox, Lucien, Reyes, Sabin, Aeron, Gideon, Amun, and Strider. After that, the only thing I know for sure is that Paris will follow Strider and I’m guessing that Kane will follow Paris. After that, I just don't know. (But really, only Torin and Cameo will be left of the original cast. You will met most of the other demons in Paris's story.)

Q: What is the reading order for all the Lords of the Underworld books, including the bonus material?
A: The Darkest Fire (bonus), The Darkest Night, The Darkest Kiss, The Darkest Pleasure, The Darkest Whisper, The Darkest Prison (bonus), Into the Dark (the bonus stories, plus other fun facts) The Darkest Passion, The Darkest Lie and soon the upcoming The Darkest Secret, The Darkest Surrender, and The Darkest Seduction.

Q: Do I have to read the bonus material to understand the series?
A: Short answer: nope :) Long answer: The Darkest Fire shows the demons before they possessed the Lords. The Darkest Prison shows the immortal prison where the Titans were locked for so many centuries. You don't need these details to understand the books, but I think (hope) they make it a richer experience.

Q: Any plans for a spin-off series, using secondary characters from the Lords of the Underworld?
A: Yes, yes, yes!  Angels of the Dark kicks off June 26th, 2012 with Zacharel's story, Wicked Nights.  

Q: How do I get a print-out of the Lords of the Underworld butterfly so that I can get a tattoo?
A: We have created our own in-house butterfly and it should be on the site soon (if not by the time you're reading this) and you can access very clear images of it for your beautiful tattoos! (though we have to state for legal purposes that we can't recommend getting tattoos :)


Q: Where can I find out where each of the Lord's tattoos are located?

A:  Into the Dark/Dark Beginnings has a description of each Lord's butterfly tattoo!

Q: Do I need to read these books in order?
A: You don't have to, no. I think it is a richer experience if you do -- I have several ongoing story arcs -- but it isn't necessary!  You can pick up with any book you'd like!

Q: Will Atlas and Nike show up in the Lord of the Underworld world?
A: Yes.  No.  Maybe.  Oh, I don't know.  Time will tell!  

Q: Who are the models on the covers? And why don't the models always look like the characters you've described?
A: I don't know who the models are, I'm sorry. My wonderful publisher designs and shoots the covers. And as you can guess, there are a thousand different factors that go into the making of a cover. (Check out the making of a cover, if you're interested) Sometimes I'm sure it's nearly impossible to find a model who matches the character, but with the muscles those guys are showing off, I still have to wipe away drool. :)

Q: When are you releasing/finishing Awakening Pandora? On that note, who is Farrah, and will Maddox be leaving Ashlyn for her?
A: Awakening Pandora was the original title for the original idea I had for Maddox's story/Lords of the Underworld.  Farrah was the heroine of that story, and the 1st three chapters were printed in Into the Dark, merely to show readers where my head was at the time (and what they almost got :).  However, I ditched those chapters and I will never finish them :)  Maddox had a different fate, and that is The Darkest Night. He will stay with Ashlyn forever! Will Farrah (and River) show up in other books, though? Maybe. I really dig their characters. Farrah won't end up with Maddox, and she won't steal and open Pandora's box, but she could very well steal something else (like a heart. not literally. . . maybe) and end up with someone else.

Q: How do you pronounce the names of the characters?

A: I mispronounce all kinds of words.  So, below is simply the way I pronounce the names. Feel free to say them anyway you'd like!  :)

Maddox: Mad-ux

Lucien: Loosh-an

Reyes: Ray-aze

Aeron: Air-on

Paris: (like the city in France)

Strider: Stride-er

Sabin: Say-ban

Gideon: Gid-e-an

Amun: Am-ann

Kane: Caine

Cameo: Cam-e-o

Baden: Bad-ann

Galen: Gay-lynn

Ashlyn: Ash-a-lyn

Danika: Dan-a-ca

Anya: On-ya

Bianka: Bee-on-ca

Kaia: Kye-a

Gilly: Jill-lee

Gwen: Gwe-hen

Olivia: O-live-e-ah



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