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Dating The Undead

So…you're dating the undead, and you have lots of questions, opinions, and very special dilemmas. Good thing there's a magazine just for you, right? Dating the Undead is dedicated to those who dream of a fling, a close encounter, a long-term relationship, or a…whatever with a hot man of the otherworld. We've gathered experts (including a few of those immortals) in all areas to offer tips, guidance, inspiration, inside information—and fun—from the other side. In short, we try to answer all of the questions you Living Girls (LGs for short) have been (metaphorically) dying to ask!


Will a Vampire burst into flames in the sunlight, or will he glitter?


How many dateless nights are ahead of me since my Werewolf boyfriend is part of a pack—and I'm not?

(Not many, if he's a keeper!)

Are all Dragon-Shifters ticklish under their scales, or just mine?

(Depends. Is your Dragon a land- or water-dweller?)

How do I break my Zombie out of his shy shell so I can introduce him to my friends?

(Two words: time and patience.)

Just how naughty can I be before I shock my Angel?

(Not very, unfortunately. But the good news is, a shock might be just what he needs!)

Does horn size indicate the size of anything else on my Demon?

(Hell to the yes!)

Some of these creatures don't breathe, but they certainly take our breath away.

The movies may have brought these legendary supermen to life, but we promise you there's more to your fabulous immortal than hypnotic eyes, washboard abs, eternal stamina, and a willingness to take a bullet for you (and recover in time to take you out on the town). Dating the Undead exists to put the myths about him to bed (and him to bed with you, if that's where you want him to be), as well as providing the real deal about his habits, desires, weaknesses, turn-ons, and soft spots.

So, if you fear looking at 27 coffins instead of 27 dresses, check out "Angelic Etiquette for Modern Gals and Ghouls," where you'll learn critical dos and don'ts.

Maybe you loved your Demon's partying ways—at first—but now you're just in hell and ready for a change. How do you lose an immortal in ten days when he's going to live forever? Check out "Undead—and Gone!"

On the flip side, how do you lure that luscious immortal when he refuses to date outside his species? Our quick tips for attracting his attention will help you bring home (or whatever his name happens to be).

Even if you've only flirted with the idea of dating an immortal, every article in this month's issue has something to offer you. Because, really, speaking LG to LG, we've all occasionally wished our mortal guy had a Vampire's ability to stay up all night (wink, wink) or a Dragon's knack for setting our blood on fire. And while it's true that—just like their flesh-and-blood counterparts—immortals can be brooding, ruthless, and inflexible, they're also oh, so sexy . . . and each one of them is looking for his soul mate.

Are you the right woman to answer his call? We think so. Enjoy this journey into the thrilling world of true paranormal romance. Along the way, you might just discover a love to last the ages. Oh, you lucky LGs!

Yours forever,

Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe

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