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Intertwined, book 4

Dear Reader,


Do not read on if you haven't read the first three books in the series, and you do not want spoilers.

Okay.  You've been warned.  

When I finished writing Twisted, I planned to write one more book in the Intertwined series.  At the time, I had a clear vision for Aden and the gang.  (Over the ensuing years, that vision got away from me, but I have since found it again, and I fell back in love with the characters and the world.)  Curious to know where the fourth book was headed?  Read on!


For starters, I imagined Aden using his ability to travel back in time to start over.  In my mind, I saw him turn away as Mary Ann walked past the cemetery.  (Remember the first scene in Intertwined?)  This time, their eyes would not meet.  A blast of power wouldn't go off, and creatures of the night would not be summoned. 


But.  There’s always a “but” in the Intertwined world, isn’t there? (cue an evil overlord laugh)  As Aden goes about his life, knowing what happened in the alternate past, missing his friends like crazy but consoling himself with the knowledge that he’s averted a terrible future, he literally runs into Mary Ann—and thus begins the arrival of supernatural creatures in Crossroads, Oklahoma once again.  The future will not be denied.


I imagined him returning to the past again and again, hoping to forge a brand new future, doing everything in his power to avoid Mary Ann, even running away from the ranch…but always the two would inadvertently find each other.  He is the magnet, and she is the metal. 


Ultimately, I imagined him returning to the original future.  The one at the end of Twisted, where Victoria’s home is burning, Riley is buying drugs and Mary Ann is being dropped off at a rehab facility.   And Aden…poor Aden…he feels defeated.  Despite his best efforts, his friends are in the same miserable place as before.


To finally live in peace, I knew Aden would have to fight Vlad—I mean, come on.  The vampire king is determined to kill the competition.  But in order to beat him, Aden will need help from his friends…which means getting Riley clean, breaking out Mary Ann and bringing Victoria out of her depression over the death of her sisters.  


I imagined Vlad attacking before the teens are ready and injuries abounding.  (Of course!)  But if there’s one thing the gang has learned throughout the Intertwined series, it’s this: When you get knocked down, you can either stay down and let the enemy kick you again and again, or you can stand back up and fight for what you want.  Aden and friends decide to fight.  By working together, they are finally able to defeat Vlad. 


Aden is crowned vampire king, but he gives that crown to Victoria and pledges his fealty to her.  He will be her loyal protector all the days of his life.  Riley and Mary Ann get married and pledge their fealty, as well, and the boy who’d never really had a home finally has a family who loves him unconditionally.


I hope you enjoyed this peek into my imagination and the ending I had—have—in mind for the Intertwined series. 


Wishing you all the best,

Gena Showalter

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