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    ~If your question isn't answered in this Q and A, please feel free to post below~

                                  Most asked non-writing related questions:

Q: How can I schedule an interview with you/get you to speak at my event?

A: Please contact the publisher (Harlequin) or my assistant Marie with your request, and they'll let you know if something can be worked out. Most often I'm not even sure what day it is--sometimes I even lose track of months--so I'm the worst person to ask about scheduling something like that.      

Q: How can I get a cover quote from you for my upcoming book?

A: I can't promise I'll have time to take a look, but feel free to have your editor or agent contact my agent, Deidre Knight. Do not send unsolicited material to them, or to Marie.  Deidre's website (where her contact info can be found) is:

Q: Do you read unpublished works by other authors?

A: I don't, no. Please know that any work submitted to me or to Marie is automatically deleted without being read. I’m truly sorry for this, but it’s for your protection as much as mine.

Q: Where can I get t-shirts, mugs and other things that represent your books?

A: We now have an online store!  Go here.  We add new items all the time, and we do take requests.  If what you want isn't there, just leave us a message below and let us know.

Q: How can I get a bookmark or signed bookplate from you?

A: Send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) to PO Box 890811, Oklahoma City, OK 73189.

 Without SASE, we cannot send you the desired items. And please note that we no longer accept books sent in to be signed. Too many people mailed the books without return postage, and that added up. 


                                        Most asked writing/reading related questions:

Q: I've never read your books. Where do you recommend I start?

A: I write in a variety of sub genres, so it depends on your particular tastes. Feel free to post on the bottom of this page with your interests and we'll be sure to send you suggestions.

Q: Are you done with the Lords of the Underworld series?

A:  Nope, not even close. I'll post about the hero/heroine of the next book as soon as it's made official.

Q: Will you be writing more for the Angels of the Dark? Alien Huntress? Otherworld Assassins?
 Tales of an Extraordinary Girl? Atlantis? Imperia? Intertwined?

A: Angels of the Dark, Alien Huntress, and Otherworld Assassin…I would like to, yes. I'll post as soon as details become official. Tales of an Extraordinary Girl, Atlantis, Imperia and Intertwined..I'm sorry, guys, but it's not likely and I sincerely apologize to fans of the series. 

Q: Why are the first two Alien Huntress books written in 1st person and the rest in 3rd?

A: With the 3rd, Savor Me Slowly, I wanted to take the entire series in a new direction, and focus more heavily on romance.  

Q: What is the reading order for your books?

A: I tried to make each a standalone, but I understand the need to read in order. You can find the list here

Q: Why won't you answer specific questions about characters and plots?

A: A lot of people hate spoilers, so I try never to spill. Plus, I often change my mind about certain directions in the middle of a story, and I never want to tell you I'm planning something and then not do it--although I reserve the right to do so.

Q: Are there any plans to make your books into movies?

A: Having my books made into movies and/or TV shows is a dream of mine.  You can help by post-post-posting that you'd like this to happen.  On Facebook, Twitter, your blog, anywhere, everywhere.  Post about the actors you'd like to star in it.  Post about how cool you think it'd be. Use hashtags. In this industry, words can be like fires.  The more people are talking about it, the hotter the fire burns and the more Hollywood wants the project :)

Q: Where can I find graphic editions of your books?

A:  Many of my books are available in graphic format now, though they are only offered as e-books. Visit your favorite online retailer.

                                   Most asked industry related questions:

Q: When is your next tour?

A: Check the events page.  

Q: Who is your agent?

A: Deidre Knight of the Knight Agency.  I love her!

 Q: Can I post copies of your books online? Can I sell your ebooks online? What about reading torrents of your books from a "share" site?

A: No, no and no. All of the above constitutes book piracy, which is the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted work and considered theft. Rather than list the reasons and ramifications here (and there are many), I'll direct you to a wonderful article by the amazing Jeaniene Frost. Go here.

 Q: Can I write stories based on your characters?

A:  Nope.  That would be a violation of my copyright.  

Q: I'm a writer.  Got any advice for me?

A: I've learned a lot about this business over the years, and one of the most important is that writing is just that, a business.  Buckle down and write.  Some days you won't feel like it, but it's important to train yourself to meet deadlines.  And sometimes those deadlines demand you work when there seems to be no inspiration.  

On a writing process note, don't be afraid to write the bones first.  Every word doesn't have to be perfect in the beginning, so it might help if you write like no one else will ever read it.  Get the bones and then you can go back and add the muscle.    

Q: Here at the site, you have a testimonial page.  Do you think your writing has changed in the past couple of years because of what you went through, and how your faith has grown?

A: Yes, I think so.  And I understand why.  The Gena that crawled into that sickbed isn't the one that jumped out healthy.  I'm a new person, and I'm learning my way.  I'm learning what works for me, and what doesn't, strengths and weaknesses, and I'm having fun along the way!


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Comment by Taylor Pedersen 10 hours ago

I am going to post a new book blog called shadow writer and I was wondering if I can send you an email with a few questions. could you please get back to me when ever you can there is no rush.

Comment by Lilly Renteria 12 hours ago

Hey Marie I wanted to know where I can find the dress Ali wears in the first book of "Alice in Zombieland". If not that dress, then the dress from the second book. Would it be for sale, is a there a similar version of it? If so, please tell me. Thanks 

Comment by Maddie Dimfflmaier yesterday

Also, are their assigned seats at the signing? Sorry i am asking so many questions

Comment by Tayla Rogers yesterday
Sorry, I meant 'young adult'
Comment by Maddie Dimfflmaier yesterday

Are there still alot of tix left for the signing in nyc?

Comment by Tatyana yesterday
Also I feel like there are wayyy to many unanswered questions to the events in The Queen Of Zombie Heart so it just CAN'T be the last book !
Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) yesterday

Maddie - Yes, you will need a is where you will find info...

Tayla - The new adult series has already been announced.  It is going to be The Original Heartbreakers series.  Go here and you can click on each book in the series...

Comment by Maddie Dimfflmaier on Sunday

For the book signing in New York City, do you need a ticket or something to get in?

Comment by Tayla Rogers on Sunday
Hello, when will the new adult series be announced?
Comment by Madeline MacDonnell on Sunday
Thank you Marie.
Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) on Saturday

Hi Madeline - we are waiting hear back about what is going on, I'm sorry I wish I had a better answer, I have been checking every day along with you guys

Comment by Madeline MacDonnell on Saturday

Hi Marie, is there any information with the audible issue about The Queen of Zombie Hearts: when it will be available on audible and if Natalie Gold is narrating The Queen of Zombie Hearts? 

Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) on Saturday

Sydnee - I was able to get this from Gena "Cole is a product of my love of the fictional alpha male with a weakness for one woman"

Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) on Saturday

Stacy - yes she will

Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) on Saturday

Sydnee - for now I have found these two interviews Gena did on QzH (I haven't found your question answered exactly and Gena is working to meet some current deadlines)

Comment by Cisca on Friday
Just finish the last book of the White Rabbit Chronicles and I need more!!! It was an amazing series and I loved all the characters! I really wish you would continue it :)
Comment by Stacy Camp on October 16, 2014 at 4:19pm

For the book signing at October 18th will you sign all three of your books or just the Queen of Zombie Hearts?

Comment by Candyce on October 16, 2014 at 2:47pm

Madeline MacDonnell or Kat Sharkey do either of you know who the narrator is?  I love Natalie Gold and that is a shame, I think it is the author or the publisher that chooses the narrator, Natalie might not have been available, I don't authors or publishers realize how MUCH it effects the listener when they change the narrators even if they have only read 1 book in a series.  Now I can understand changing if there are complaints but there cannot have been complaints about Ms. Gold.  I have stopped listening to series before because the new narrator is just so different it makes the experience off.

Comment by Lucy Mason on October 16, 2014 at 7:44am

Hey, are you going to be releasing john's book in otherworldly assassin's soon? because i love that series so much and would love to read the ending... x 

Comment by Madeline MacDonnell on October 15, 2014 at 11:22pm

Kat, you are so right about the narrator thing, I love Natalie Gold she is the bomb. I agree, I hate how audible is blaming the author, when audible is not on top of getting new audio books. I really hope the audio book comes out soon!

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