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Q: When does the next Lords of the Underworld book come out and who will be the hero?

A:  Torin's book, The Darkest Touch, will release November 2014.  The blurb is up, so check it out and let us know what you think.  Cover reveal is coming soon. (Plus, we will have a special treat for you!)   

Q: Where can I get t-shirts, mugs and other things that represent your books?

A: We now have an online store!  Go here.  We add new items all the time, and we do take requests.  If what you want isn't there, just leave us a message below and let us know.

Q: Will you be writing about the secondary characters (Viola, Cameron, Winter, Irish, Neeka, Tayliah, and so on) in the Lords of the Underworld series?

A: I’m not sure each one will receive a full length novel, but there's always a chance they will show up again.   

Q: Why aren’t all your books made in audio form?

A: The publisher decides which books are chosen for audio (if they own those rights, of course, and right now, they do).  You can contact the publisher and/or and let them know there's interest. <-Can't stress enough how important that is.  

Q: Why aren't your books made into graphic novels?

A:  Publisher heard your desire for these and took action.  Right now you can find the following books in graphic format, though they are only available as e-books.

The Darkest Night (part one and two) 

The Darkest Kiss (part one and two) 

The Darkest Pleasure (part one and two)

The Darkest Whisper (part one and two)

The Darkest Passion (here)

The Darkest Prison (here)

To view the manga versions of the other Lord of the Underworld books not yet translated into English, go here

Q: Why won't you answer specific questions about characters and plots?

A: A lot of people hate spoilers, so I try never to spill. Plus, I often change my mind about certain directions in the middle of a story, and I never want to tell you I'm planning something and then not do it. (although I reserve the right to do so :)

Q: Are there any plans to make your books into movies?

A: Having my books made into movies and/or TV shows is a dream of mine.  You can help by post-post-posting that you'd like this to happen!  On Facebook, Twitter, your blog, anywhere, everywhere.  Post about the actors you'd like to star in it.  Post about how cool you think it'd be. Use hashtags. In this industry, words can be like fires.  The more people are talking about it, the hotter the fire burns and the more Hollywood wants the project :)

Q: What is the reading order for all the Lords of the Underworld books, including the bonus material?

A: The Darkest Fire (short, bonus), The Darkest Night, The Darkest Kiss, The Darkest Pleasure, The Darkest Whisper, The Darkest Prison (short, bonus), Into the Dark (the bonus stories, plus other fun facts) The Darkest Passion, The Darkest Lie, The Darkest Secret, The Darkest Surrender, The Darkest Seduction, The Darkest Craving and The Darkest Touch.

Q: Do I have to read the bonus material to understand the series?

A: Nope.  But do I think it would be a richer experience if you did?  Yes. :)

Q: Will you be writing about the other angels in Zacharel's army?

A: The second book in the Angels of the Dark series is titled Beauty Awakened (Koldo's story).  The third book is Burning Dawn, (Thane's story).  Right now I have two other paranormal books under contract, which means I can only really discuss the next two.  One might be for Angels, one might be for Lords.  But that hasn't been made official yet.  But of course, more books could be placed under contract at any time.

Q: Where can I find out where each of the Lord's tattoos are located?

A:  Into the Dark (US)/Dark Beginnings (UK) has a description of each Lord's butterfly tattoo.

Q: Do I need to read your adult series books in order?
  (Lords of the Underworld, Angels of the Dark, Alien Huntress, Otherworld Assassin) 

A: Nope.  I tried to make each a stand alone, with enough backstory to catch you up at any point.  But again, could be a richer experience if you do.

Q: Who are the models on the covers? And why don't the models always look like the characters you've described?

A: I wish I knew. My publisher designed and shot the covers. (If you're interested, check out the making of the Intertwined cover) Sometimes I'm sure it's nearly impossible to find a model who matches the character.

Q: When are you releasing/finishing Awakening Pandora?

A: Awakening Pandora is the title for the original idea I had for Maddox's story/Lords of the Underworld.  Farrah was the heroine of that story, and the first three chapters were printed in Into the Dark merely to show readers where my head was at the time (and what they almost got :).  However, I ditched those chapters and I will never finish them.  Maddox had a different fate--and a different lady love--and that story is told in The Darkest Night.

Q: How do you pronounce the names of the characters?

A: However you want!  Seriously, you can't go wrong.

Q: Why are the first two Alien Huntress books written in 1st person and the rest in 3rd?

A: With the 3rd, Savor Me Slowly, I wanted to take the entire series in a new direction, and focus more heavily on romance.  

Q: Will Dallas get a book?  What about the Otherworld Assassins series?

A: Right now, I have no more Alien Huntress or Otherworld Assassin books under contract.  However, Dallas appears briefly in Last Kiss Goodnight but he has a bigger role in Black and Blue.  If anything changes, I will post! 

          Q: What is Darkness Eternal?  I have found a link at the bookstore, but no other information.  

A:  Darkness Eternal was to be a compilation of Red Handed and Blacklisted, but it was never printed.  The online links found at several stores simply haven't been taken down.  I'm sorry for the confusion.    

Q: How many books will be in the Intertwined series?

A: When I first began the series, I planned on four stories.  Right now, only three of those stories have been told.  I'm sorry for the wait.  Many factors go into deciding what will be printed and I can assure you we are looking at every angle, every pro, every con.

Q: Do you plan to write any more Tales of an Extraordinary Girl books?

A: Right now, nothing is in the works. However, I have an idea for the third story. So, to answer the question, maybe. :)

Q: What is the Otherworld Assassin series?

A:  It is a spin-off of the Alien Huntress books, and features a new black ops agency.  Last Kiss Goodnight is book one, and Black and Blue is book two.

Q: Do you plan to write any more Atlantis books?

A: Nothing is in the works right now, I'm sorry.  

Q: Do you plan to write any more books about the characters from Imperia?

A: Nope.  To be honest, it's been so long since I've visited that world, I'm not sure I could stay true to the rules I created.  

Q: Why haven’t you visited my state/country?  

A: My publisher has been the one to pick when and where to send me for tours. If you’d like me to visit a bookstore near you, my best advice is to visit and or, find an email address there, and submit your request to them so that they know there's interest.  The more interest, the greater your chance of success!

Q: When is your next tour?

A: As soon as we have that kind of information, we always post on the blog. So, check the search window here on this site for “tours” and see what pops up. If nothing does, a tour isn’t currently in the works.  Also, check the "events" page.  

Q: How can we get you to come speak at our book club/event?

A: Contact my wonderful publisher or assistant, Marie.  If you contact my assistant, make sure you give her all the details.  She will check the time and scheduling and all that good stuff.

Q: I want to interview you for my blog for your upcoming release.  How do I go about that?

A:  Just message Marie--my assistant--here at the site, and we'll see if anything can be worked out.

Q: Do you read unpublished works by other authors?

A: I’m sorry to say I can’t. Please know that any work submitted to me or to Marie is automatically deleted without being read. I’m truly sorry for this, but it’s for your protection as much as mine.

Q: Who is your agent?

A: Deidre Knight of the Knight Agency.  I love her!

 Q: I've never read your books. Where do you recommend I start?

A: I only want to recommend new books LOL  I enjoyed writing The Darkest Craving.  The hero is kind of batcrap crazy from torture, but he'll do anything to protect the heroine.  One of my favorite books that I've written is Through the Zombie Glass.  Seriously, I was excited to work on it and every word was a pleasure.  Also, there’s Black and Blue, another book that had me happy to come to my computer everyday.  And I am so excited for the next Angels After Dark tale, Burning Dawn. It was completely unexpected.

Q: How can I get a signed bookplate from you?

A: Please send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) to PO Box 890811, Oklahoma City, OK 73189.

Q: How can I get a cover quote from you for my upcoming book?

A: I can't promise I'll have time to take a look, but feel free to have your editor or agent contact my agent, Deidre Knight. Her website (where her contact info can be found) is:

Q: Why can't I get your book in my country? (or favorite bookstore)

A: Foreign rights are a funny thing. If the US publisher doesn't own those rights, then we have to try to get other countries interested in printing them.  Or, if the publisher does own them, they are then tasked with getting the books outside the US. All you can do is let the US publisher know where you live and what you're wanting -- reader interest is key! -- and they will do what they can. And yes, Canada and England are considered foreign rights. If books you want aren't showing up in the bookstores near you, talk to the manager of those stores. Honestly, the more interest, the more likely they are to order (and keep ordering) the books you want!

Q: Can I post copies of your books online? And can I sell your ebooks online? What about reading torrents of your books from a "share" site?

A: All of the above constitutes book piracy, which is the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted work and considered theft. Rather than list the reasons and ramifications here (and there are many), I'll direct you to a wonderful article by the amazing Jeaniene Frost. Go here.

 Q: Can I write stories based on your characters?

A:  Nope.  I'm sorry, but that's not legally allowed.  

Q: I'm a writer.  Got any advice for me?

A: I've learned a lot about this business over the years, and one of the most important is that writing is just that, a business.  Buckle down and write.  Some days you won't feel like it, but it's important to train yourself to meet deadlines.  And sometimes those deadlines demand you work when there seems to be no inspiration.  

On a writing process note, don't be afraid to write the bones first.  Every word doesn't have to be perfect in the beginning, so it might help if you write like no one else will ever read it.  Get the bones and then you can go back and add the muscle.    

Q: Here at the site, you have a testimonial page.  Do you think your writing has changed in the past couple of years because of what you went through, and how your faith has grown?

A: Yes, I think so.  And I understand why.  The Gena that crawled into that sickbed isn't the one that jumped out healthy.  I'm a new person, and I'm learning my way.  I'm learning what works for me, and what doesn't, strengths and weaknesses, and I'm having fun along the way!


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Comment by nikkiejay 11 hours ago

OMG i just went to the merch site and i saw the strider t-shirt i was talking about. i am so happy i am getting one like right now!!!

Comment by Louisa Paarsmarkt 16 hours ago

Ok, thanks :)

Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) 16 hours ago

Louisa - I think Jill's interpretation is perfect.  After talking to Gena it was the old question "if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" So basically a question without an answer...

Jill - thank you so much for your input, it did help to jog memory :)

Comment by Jill yesterday
Hi, I think I know the answer to louisas question about the tree theory. On page 294-295 ava and mckell have a conversation where she tells him they should keep their relationship quiet. He then says, 'besides if you kiss a man and noone knows about it, it never really happened. Like the tree that falls in the woods...' then on 303 the reference then being noone saw them, but noelle knew what had happened. That's my interpretation anyway, hope it helps.
Comment by Rebecca Coleman yesterday

Thanks, Marie.

I haven't read any of Pamela Palmer's books yet. I'll have to look her up:)


Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) yesterday

Louisa - Ok, a while back walmart print mmp for enslave but I looked online and couldn't find it anymore....i am still working on the tree question for you

Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) yesterday

Rebecca - let's see if I can't answer with Kresley, I've heard her talk about PC Cast, Pamela Palmer, Nalini Singh and many more.  Have you tried any of these?

Comment by Zoey Dunn on Saturday

Awesome!! Thx for replying back to me Marie!

Comment by Rebecca Coleman on July 24, 2014 at 11:52pm

I love all of Gena's books, however they don't keep me going. I want to know who Gena reads, and who she can recommend in the paranormal romance genre:) Does she think any particular author/s is/are similar to her own style and taste? She can't answer 'Kresley Cole', that would be cheating.

Thank you,


Comment by Louisa Paarsmarkt on July 22, 2014 at 11:32pm

The mention of it that prompted that question was on 303 of my copy, where McKell and Ava arrive at Noelle's with the 2 vampires and she interrupts them :)

Oh, and is there a specific contact that would could politely ask for a MMP of Enslave Me Sweetly to tell them that there is interest in it? I have the whole series but that in mass market paperback, and I love to have my books in the same format, plus, honestly, my shelves can't really take a trade paperback :)

Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) on July 22, 2014 at 11:00pm

Zoey - yes, i believe so

Destiney - right now the only thing you can do is mail a self addressed and stamped envelope to Gena at PO Box 890811 Oklahoma City OK 73189 and ask for a signed bookplate to put inside your book, working on some other options though so watch for that

Louisa - I cannot remember, let me dig back into the book and see if I can jog my memory

Comment by Louisa Paarsmarkt on July 22, 2014 at 4:00pm

Hi, I was just rereading Ecstasy in Darkness, and I can't find what's McKell's tree theory, could someone tell me what it was if it was in the book, please?

Comment by Destiney on July 21, 2014 at 8:43am
So what do I do if I want my book signed?
Comment by Zoey Dunn on July 19, 2014 at 5:22pm

Are there gonna be anymore books about Angels of the dark?

Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) on July 14, 2014 at 9:20am

Danielle - Yes, I'm sure there will be 

Comment by Danielle Wisniewski on July 11, 2014 at 10:26pm

Will there be an excerpt on "the darkest touch" before November?

Comment by margaret perry on July 7, 2014 at 2:18pm

Thank you Marie for answering my question. I think it would be interesting to see these three join the Lords to fight evil. Or perhaps one of them could be the evil one. Thanks again. 

Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) on July 6, 2014 at 3:59pm

margaret - it's a good question but I really don't know if they will ever be included.  She really never says which direction she wants to go with a story until she has actually written the book because she can change her mind while writing 

Angie- I answered your private message, I hope that helps

Christina - great, so glad you found it

Comment by christina l payne on July 5, 2014 at 7:18pm

I finally found the app! my phone has issues. thanks for everyones input!!

Comment by Marie (Gena's Assistant) on July 2, 2014 at 8:41am

Caroline - Yes, I believe so

Tanya - Gena has not forgotten about Dallas and would still like to write his story one way or another

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