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Animal Instincts

This book was chosen as a Red Hot read in Cosmo!

Unleashing your inner tigress isn't easy when you're a doormat by nature.  Still, after escaping a wretched marriage to a cheating SOB, Dallas party planner Naomi Delacroix is determined to enter the boxing ring of life -- slashing first and asking questions later.  She isn't about to let another man sweet-talk her into sheathing her protective claws.  Not even gorgeous millionaire Royce Powell, who's hired her to arrange an extravagant surprise party. Even if he does make her purr like a kitten with one heated glance . .  . 

Gena's notes about this book:

Animal Instincts is actually one of the first books I ever wrote, even though it was . . . fifth (I think) to be published.  (I suck at numbers and often lose track of time.  Put those two flaws together, and I'm often clueless.  About everything.)  And here's another fun fact.  This book was chosen as a Red Hot Read for Cosmopolitan magazine.  


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