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Who wants there to be a movie to the WRC in my opinion i totally do even though i know there will be things left out but i would still like to see all of the action on the big screen lol. It woulde be totally amazing. Comment on weather or not you are for or againt a movie. :P

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I'd rather it be a tv series :)

I totally want it to be a movie, if the right director picks it up. I'd hate to see what happened to Twilight happen here. The first movie had so much potential but the director was not a good one, she really didn't seem to know what she was doing.

I agree whether it be a movie or series, it needs a good director.  Twilight books were good but the movies sucked.

so true and yeah tv series sound so much better :) it does need a good director though you guys are right about that

Thats the trailer to the movie that was put up on the site under videos....Cant wait!

Personally I really want Tim Burton to pick it up but I'm bias because I'm a huge fan of his

I think that's just the book trailer. It's been up for awhile and if it had been picked up for a movie I would assume there'd be an announcement. :/ kind of a bummer
Woah Woah Woah is there going to be a movie?!
I have no idea but I sure hope so

oh yes please! i sooo want a movie! i wanna c Cole! omg hawt dayum... 


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