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Okay, so the book has still got a couple of months before it comes out, but I am freaking out over this cover. I am dying to see what it looks like! Gena's covers are always amazing, so I cannot wait to see A Mad Zombie Party's cover!
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I know it definitely will your right she does make the Best covers!

I didn't even know till I read your comment there was another on coming out :0


lol don't worry! It's better u found out later coz  now u have a little less time to wait before it comes out. I've been waiting since last month. it's painful. ;)

does anyone know for sure when it comes out ??? # dying to know

I've been looking to see when the cover is shown but I can't find anything yet. It'll probably be maybe 2 or 3 months b4 the book comes out I think. Idk. Just guessing. :)

Ya your probs right.......Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know! I cannot wait! I keep getting butterflies every time I think about it! :)

it comes out September 29th, and the cover should be coming out really soon!!!

Guys the cover is out!!!!!!

The cover is absolutely amazing! saw it in person the other day and almost died!

So what did you guys think of a Mad Zombie Party??

I personally really like it, Gena perfectly captured Milla and Frostys lives and i really love that!

Im in love with the whole series, i've read them all way too many times to count, i'm definitely obsessed.


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