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I have to start off saying, I'm new to the series, Lords of the Underworld. Believe me, I started reading the 2nd book The Darkest Kiss, I'm trying to get through this terrible economy at the moment and was able to get some of Gena Showalters books from the library. I love the library. I have to order the 1st book in the series, because the 2nd is really good. I love William and Paris in The Darkest Kiss. I know I'm new, but I didn't see any other series with Paris in them. Is there a book on Paris, and I just missed it??  Obviously, there is no book on William yet.  Characters like William and Paris, to me, make the best books, due to their characters. Gena and Kresley Cole are my favorite authors. Can't wait for a book or books on Paris and William.

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OMG yes!!! Gena and Kresley are so my favourite authors. and no dont worry there isnt a book on Paris. The next new book to be released will be Strider's story and then Paris will be the book after that one. i love William too and hope she writes him a book but we dont know anything for sure yet. you will absolutely love this series and Paris and William only get better the more you read =)

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Gena's Lords of the Underworld books are addicting. :) I couldn't get the sequels fast enough and now I just can't wait the next book, Strider's. The further you read the more you want, believe me. ;) I hope there's going to be William's book. He deserves it. :D

William is so complex a character and Gena has revealed so little of him really that he MUST have his own book. Or I will never sleep my nights well, wondering all kinds of stuff about him, his curse, his origins and of course his HEA. ;)


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