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Hi all, I just wanted to know what everyone thought of the new character Viola? To be honest i'm not sure how i feel about her but i do have a feeling she will grow on me if she appears in up comping books..

When did you decide to make Sienna the one who kills Cronus? There was a lot I didn't expect to happen in this book and it was really a great read. So far the best out of the series.

Viola was actually a delight to write :)  I had major fun with her.

I did not decide to do what I did with Sienna until halfway through with the rough draft.  Then, of course, I had to backtrack and weave in some hints/set it up as a possibility.  :)

LOL! I love Viola!

When I read about Ashlyn's twins and how they were named (lol William calling them Blood and Gore) Maddox said they named themselves. How exactly did they tell them that? Will you tell/explain more about them to in Kane's book?

I hope to tell more about the twins in the upcoming books!!  :)


Is Skye really dead?


Paris is my favorite book character and I've imagined this story since the Darkest Kiss and I was so close to being right.  An absolute shock.

This book was perfect.  It had everything I wanted for Paris and Sienna, the insecurity, the guilt, the forgiveness, and the love.  I never expected Cronus to die before the last book, so that was a major surprise.  It is sad that Skye died.  I thought she could deliver the babies. 

What happens to the Greek Gods in Tartus now?  Will the series continue with only the Lords or will new books be written for Viola, Cameron, Irish, etc. in this series or a new one?  I know Torin is expected to be last and I secretly hope that changes because he is my other favorite, after Paris, and I want him to be happy too.  Especially now that he has the All Key.  I can't wait to see what those babies do and what kind of powers they have.  They were called Fire and Ice and I can't wait to see what that refers to.

I started reading this book last night, using my iTunes version, read it at work today on my Kindle, and finished it at home with the print copy.  If I didn't have to work I would have stayed home and read it all in one sitting.

Thank you Gena!  I have never obsessed over a new book like this before.  You wrote Paris and Sienna just like I saw them.  You made the wait woth it.  I could even see the action scenes in my head and they were awesome.  My print copy will be destroyed from my reading by the time your next book comes out because I will reread this story forever.

Omg I can't wait I preordered mine and it should be here any day and I just can't wait. This is going to be amazing. I also love Torin and I hope he finds happiness. Just like the others said the waiting for the new books are going to kill me any new dates for the next books and which one will be next?

Ever since I picked up these books in a used bookstore a few months back I have been utterly enchanted by your characters so it was no surprise that the first thing I did today was rush out to my local bookstore and get me a copy of The Darkest Seduction. This book was so fabulous, the only sad part was that it had to end.

I loved that despite the fact that you had planned for Paris to end up with another woman that he fought for Sienna, because truly after reading I couldn't possibly imagine a better fit for him. This book was pure perfection. I loved the love and I loved all the story telling that was also involved. I'm so very excited to read all the future books you have ready for this series because honestly it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for a wonderful read.

I thought surely I'd have some kind of question for you after reading the book but honestly I can't think of anything to ask other than perhaps when I might get to read William's story because I have to admit I've got a bit of a thing for him and I'd love to see him and his prophecy / book come to some kind of head. Anyhow enough of my ramblings, can't wait to read Zacharel's upcoming book I'm sure it'll be just as amazing as all  your others. Much love <3

I'm still waiting for my book but I've already seen hints at something and it's driving me crazy!!!



WTF is the info about my Strider?????? So far no one wanted to spill the deets. Tell me!!!!

SPOILER ******SPOILER*******

Strider appears briefly and shares a secret with Paris.  That secret actually surprised me.

So tired from staying up late reading but it was well worth it.  Loved this book.  Gena your writing is AMAZING! 



Queen Sienna!  Wow!  What a twist.


Cronus death was a huge Shocker for me.  I expected this on the last book.  It makes me feel like this series is over!  I know there is more to come but I feel like this book gave us such a closure.  Now who's going to be the next villian that we all want to see dead?  I guess it's time for a new plot storyline, new chararcters (Viola, Irish, Winter, etc..).  I'm assuming Kane is the next and he is suppose to bring on the apocalypse right (2013 is to far away!)? I would love for William to get his own book but I just don't like Gilly.  Can't get over her age and I see nothing special about her.  Hope he just deeply cares for her.  I also would like a Legion and Galen book.  Not so much for Legion as I never have been a fan of her but I love to read Galen's story.  I know Gena will find a creative way to redeem him. 


Did not see the Strider/Paris secret.   Talk about akward!


Looking forward to Zach's story! 


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